Onsite Training

Our PLC training courses were designed with flexibility in mind and is typically provided at the customer's own facility. This permits PowerComm Solutions' an opportunity to customize the course material specifically around the different manufacturers equipment each electric utility has in service and are most interested in training on. It is typically more economical for PowerComm Solutions to provide our course on-site then to send multiple individuals to an off-site training program.

Regional Training

We have partnered with Electric Utilities across the country to host our PLC Schools at their state of the art training facilities. Our Regional courses are ideal for our customers that only require training for a few technicians at a time. This helps minimize travel time and expenses by bringing our training school closer to you.

Training Courses


System Maintenance School

Training for the field technician responsible for maintaining Power Line Carrier Systems.


Application Engineering School

Training for the engineer responsible for designing and analyzing Power Line Carrier Systems.