Model 350

Spark Gap Retrofit Module


Visual Inspection of your Power Line Carrier Protective Spark Gap is now possible with the Model 350 Spark Gap Retrofit Module. Specifically designed to retrofit existing Line Tuner/Line Matching unit configurations that presently use gas tube arrestor devices.

The Model 350 provides the technician the ability to visually inspect the gap at any time, which includes regular maintenance testing cycles. The Model 350’s flexible design permits numerous re-gapping opportunities without filing or sanding the gap surface when pitting occurs from high voltage flashovers. The user can simply loosen the top bolt and rotate the disks to obtain a clean surface area at the primary flashover point of the protective gap.


Installation in the field takes little time and is easy to do. Simply remove the existing gas tube device, tighten the two hex nuts included to the existing studs and then screw in the retrofit module.

Disks come pre-gapped .045" from the factory