PLC System Maintenance Training

Following in the tradition and high standards set by GE, Westinghouse and Mr. Bob Clement of PLC Services, Inc., PowerComm Solutions has developed a Power Line Carrier Maintenance Training School that combines basic Power Line Carrier theory with comprehensive hands-on training.

Developed by a team of Power Line Carrier Specialists and compiled by a professional training coordinator, the course material is supported by an extensive PowerPoint presentation designed to keep the program interesting and maximize the learning experience of this multi-day course.

Course Outline

I. Objectives
II. Types of Communications
a) Microwave
b) Telephone Wires
c) Power Line Carriers (PLC's)
d) Fiber Optics
III. Terms and Definitions
a) PLC Signal Types
b) The Decibel
c) Return Loss
d) Bandwidth
e) Selectivity
f) GMF
g) Isolation and Spacing
h) Channel Time
i) Noise and SNR
j) Dependability and Security
k) Single and Multi-Function
l) Power Line Characteristics
IV. Line Equipment
a) Line Traps
b) CC's
c) CCVT's
d) Lead-in Cable
e) Line Tuners
f) Coaxial Cable
g) Auxiliary Coupling Devices
h) Communications
V. Relaying Channels
a) Single Function
b) Multi-Function
VI. Pilot Relaying Schemes
a) Pilot Wire
b) Phase Comparison
c) Directional Comparison
d) Combined Directional and Phase comparisons
e) Transfer Trips

Regional Course Schedule

There are no PLC System Maintenance Regional courses currently on the schedule.