Bridging Attenuators

Bridging attenuators are designed to assist in making high level measurements in the PLC environment with various test instrumenation.


Equivalent to the Wandel & Goltermann PLCP-40 (BN 9203/01) and specifically designed for the SPM-32A, SPM-33A & SPM-36A when used in a 50 Ohm Power Line Carrier System.


A straight 40 dB attenuator (100 to 1 ratio) for measuring high level signals on any communications system. The PCS-40 is equivalent to the Wandel & Golterman PLCA-100 (BN 9203/02) and Signalcrafters Model SC30-4050 and are commonly used with Harmon, Sierra & Rycom (6030, 6040 & 6041) Frequency Selective Volt Meters and the Acterna SPM Series. The PCS-40 is the most common attenuator purchased outside of the US.