Power Spectrum Analyzer

Spectrum Analysis for Power Line Carrier
& Audio Tone Protection


The PSA-4400 Power Spectrum Analyzer was specifically designed to support Electric Utility System Protection applications. It is the first spectrum analyzer capable of measuring over 100 watts of power with no additional external devices required. It is also the only Spectrum Analyzer with selectable impedances of 50, 75 & 600 Ohms terminated, as well as having a high impedance mode for bridging measurements. The spectrum analyzer is configurable to operate in either Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) or Swept mode.

With a frequency range of 10 Hz to 5 MHz it is ideal for checking the integrity of your audio tone or power line carrier protection communication path. Features like the “as left reference overlay” can help the user quickly identify changes to the path, at any time in the future, that may include noise intrusion or new frequencies that can adversely affect the protection channels.

The PSA-4400 output generator is not only a tracking generator, but was also designed to simulate typical teleprotection transmitters. The generator output is capable of up to 1 watt into 50 or 75 ohms and can also produce two independent frequencies to simulate dual transfer trip applications. The 600 Ohm setting is ideal for audio tone protection applications. In addition, the outputs and FSK functionality can be programmed for unlimited variations of one or both frequencies to help test the alignment and integrity of the receiver(s) settings and logic.