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PowerComm Solutions offers specialized instrumentation, products, and services for the Electric Utility industry.

As the leader in support of Power Line Carrier used for Electric Utility System Protection, our products, training and services help simplify the maintenance and alignment procedures, while significantly reducing test times.

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Website Rebuilt & Redesigned

Early in 2011 we realized that in order to bring our customers an online experience worthy of clicks, registrations and return visits, and have a platform for innovation over the long term, the site needed to be rebuilt from the ground up. The result is a new front-end interface and back-end architecture designed to make our site easier for users to navigate and update.

We're proud of what we built, but the process has also brought the site "back to beta" as a work in progress. We have a long queue of updates and features that are in the works as much more content and functionality will be needed to realize our vision of providing our current and future customers with an abundance of high quality content and become the most comprehensive online resource for Power Line Carrier professionals.

We'd love hearing your thoughts on the site's new layout and any bugs you might spot. If you have a brilliant idea for new content or a feature, let us know so our development team can prioritize their next projects.