Power Communications Monitor

Advanced 5 Channel Frequency Selective Monitoring for Analog Communications

The Power Communications Monitor provides the capability to constantly monitor and store user defined events that may be critical in properly maintaining and evaluating system communication issues and mis-operations for Power Line Carrier and Audio Tone protection systems. It provides the utility a full time monitoring device which can help extend the testing maintenance cycles that are presently being defined by the new NERC PRC-0005 standard.

Features & Benefits


Monitor up to five channels, each programmable for Frequency, Bandwidth and Function Type (2- FSK, 3-FSK, ON-OFF or Noise).

Spectral Analysis

Capture event driven or real-time spectral analysis of the communication path. Event driven captures can record up to 400 ms of pre-event spectral data.


Trend reflected power, level & noise to monitor for gradual channel degradation.

Flexible Alarming

Program Alarm Outputs and Front Panel LED’s for any event type or program an alarm output for multiple event types.

Event Recorder

Record up to 32,000 time stamped events based on changes in frequency, level, reflected power & noise.

Real-Time View

Extend maintenance cycles by remotely accessing real-time measurements and a time stamped status report of all channels.

Accurate Measurement

Install the PCM-5350 between the last hybrid and the line tuner to get “un-skewed” reflected power and level measurements.

Remotely Access with Confidence

The PCM-5350 cannot affect the existing protection system parameters (for example Guard & Trip frequencies). Designed to be your primary remote source for critical communication data.


  • Mis-operation evaluation and diagnosis.
  • Review captured in-band spectral analysis of trip/fault occurrence for noise intrusion.
  • Accurately measure and monitor reflected power and level changes by installing between last hybrid and line tuner.
  • Set alarms and record events for level and reflected power changes.
  • Set out-of-band noise detection alarms.
  • Initiate remote keying of ON-OFF carrier for capture of signal level and reflected power.
  • Monitor Audio Tone Communication Circuits used for tone pilot protection.