Model 560

Power Line Carrier Application Simulator

Verify Instrumentation Settings and Connections

The Model 560 is a simple hardware interface that simulates common Power Line Carrier applications for validating test instrumentation settings and connections ensuring measurements are taken correctly.

Modern instrumentation used in the field today can contain an array of software settings and hardware I/O providing great power and flexibility. Correctly setting up one of these instruments to perform a specific test is not only critical to ensure validity of measurements taken, but also to ensure that the measurements taken can be accurately compared to previous test results. The Model 560 was designed to aid the technician in this very challenge by providing a simple hardware interface that simulates common power line carrier related applications that can be used to validate test instrumentation settings and connections.

While the Model 560 was designed with the PCA-4125 Power Communications Analyzer in mind, it can also be used to verify test setups using other types of single function test instrumentation including selective level meters, generators, VSWR meters, LCR meters, and Frequency Response Analyzers.

Position Simulated Equipment or Condition Test Setup Verified Connections
Line trap tuned to 155 kHz Impedance Meter sweep setup View
Line Tuner tuned to 155 kHz Impedance Meter setup View
Inductance of 270 uH Inductance meter setup & settings View
Capacitance of 3.9 nF Capacitance meter setup & settings View
Carrier channel with 0% reflected power VSWR Meter setup View
Carrier channel with 25% reflected power VSWR Meter setup View
Signal attenuated by 10 dB Selective Level Meter setup & settings View